Stockbreeder comfort, animal welfare

By sharing the same rural roots cultivated from generation to generation, Jourdain is able to offer solutions that combine stockbreeder comfort with animal welfare as it knows the requirements and the needs in this profession in order to provide animals with the best conditions for raising. Today's stockbreeders are also managers, and they know the impact that animal welfare can have on the farm's yield.
A few examples of Jourdain innovation:
- The famous Safety headlock, which is particularly silent,
- Extendable gates covering all needs.
- Trèfle post with anti-rotation octagonal shape
- Click systems with single-clamp and dual-clamp for simple ultra-fast assembly of freestalls.
- Etc.
It is directly on the farms that the Jourdain teams validate the pertinence of their equipment, nothing is worth more than in-the-field experience. It is this proximity that is maintained with the farming world that has allowed Jourdain to earn the trust of stockbreeders and be able to assert that: "We bring all of our knowledge... right to you!"


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