Jourdain across time

Many changes have taking place since the beginning of the Jourdain family-run business in 1900, but the passion is still there along with the love of work that is useful to others.
In 1887, Auguste Jourdain bought a small plot of land near Pithiviers, and built a refreshment stand as well as a café with the idea of receiving travelers and cart drivers. His son Maurice, a few years later, took over his father's business, but this time as a zinc roofer. In 1935, the company specialized in the farming field, especially in the sale of elements for farming sheds. During this period, the café and refreshment were replaced with a metal working shop, specializing in electrical welding. It was in 1950 that the Jourdain company developed a new range of wheelbarrows with metal tubes, to meet the real needs of farmers. In 1959, the company employed 3 workers and manufactured 60 models. The first manufacturing chains were then installed over a surface area of 150m² of workshops.
The 1960s saw the first headlocks of foreign manufacture, but these were not suited to the French races without horns. Maurice Jourdain had the idea to widen the head passage: the double-opening headlock was born. The first patent was filed and launched the brand's superiority. This was to be followed by a succession of innovations.
In the 1970s, JOURDAIN started exhibiting at the major farming trade shows, and distribution expanded across all of France. The growth required automating the production tools. Every year, new products were added to the catalogue.
1980 saw the creation of Galva 45, the specialist in hot galvanizing of which Jourdain is a shareholder and the primary customer!
The company now has 60,000 m² of covered surface, nearly 200 employees and delivers more than 40,000 tons of products around the world.


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